the painting practice of neil ernest tomkins

Drawings and Mural Sketches

Scan 86Scan 87Scan 88

Scan 2016-1-7 0029-1Scan 2016-1-7 0039-1Scan 2016-1-7 0039Scan 2016-1-7 0039-3Scan 2016-1-7 0011-6Scanned Image-1Scanned ImageScan 2016-1-7 0039-5Scan 2016-1-7 0035

coopers : psyfari
Ideas : Cafe Sesh No.2ideas for paintings No.2ideas for paintingsimagined landscapeSouth end No.2Still lifeSouth end No.1scoonersSushi No. 1Sushi No.3Vintage record311312Avalon3 Quirk St32 Booth St no.2215 Lilyfield Rd32 Booth St no.138 310


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