Curriculum Vitae


  • Raizvanguarda, Gois, Portugal, 2018
  • Qbank Residency, TAS, Australia, 2017


  • Waverly Art Prize, Finalist, 2016
  • Fishers Ghost Art Award, Finalist, 2015
  • Wall 2 Wall, 3rd Prize Winner, Leichardt City Council, 2014
  • Matching Grants, City of Sydney, 2012
  • Out of Sight Wining Mural, Leichardt City Council, 2012
  • Glebe Art Prize, Winner Youth Prize, Sydney, 2011

Major Exhibitions

  • Tomkins at Sea, Private Boat Showing, Sydney, 2017
  • Rising Dark, New standard Gallery, Sydney, 2017 (solo)
  • A Deep Rumble, New Standard Gallery, Sydney, 2016 (solo)
  • East Of Eventuality, GINKGO gallery, Sydney, 2014 (solo)
  • Neil Tomkins and Lina Zinal, Skunkworks Gallery, Sydeny, 2014
  • Neil E Tomkins, GINKGO gallery, Sydney, 2013 (solo)
  • SCA Graduation Show, Sydney Collage of the Arts, 2010
  • Animals and Landscape, MiLs Gallery, Sydney, 2010 (solo)
  • Birds and Friends, Abattoir Gallery, Sydney, 2008 (solo)
  • New and Old work, Long Gallery, Wollongong, 2007 (solo)     

Selected Group Shows

  • June Group show, New Standard Gallery, Sydney 2017
  • Lost Horizons, Alpha Gallery, Sydney 2017
  • Higher Ground, Kinokuniya Gallery, Sydney 2016
  • Urban Art- Parked, Artesian4, Sydney 2015
  • Artesian4, North Sydney, 2014
  • Until Next Time, Tate Gallery, Sydney 2014
  • We, The Muse, Ambush Gallery, Sydney 2014
  • Juddy Roller, Melbourne, 2013
  • Project Ugly at Outpost, Cockatoo Island, Sydney, 2012
  • Communicating with Rocks, MiLs Gallery, Sydney 2011
  • New Blue Moon, Hibernian House, Sydney 2011
  • Driftwood, Oh Really Gallery, Sydney, 2009
  • 2 Young Painters, Cat and Fiddle Gallery, Sydney, 2009
  • 10 Young Artists, Project Gallery, Wollongong, 2008

A long-standing & productive residency at the Annandale Higher Ground Studios continues to be host to his exploration of painting, mark making & his continued play with the notions of these themes. His current subject matters are focusing on: Australian & South American Landscapes, Expressive Portraiture and Still Life. Tomkins goal is to explore the malleable nature of expressionism. Having been labeled as both an impressionist and an expressionist by various features in media throughout his ten-year career. His overall goal is to create a balance between these two schools of practice.

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