This Dream Called Reality Catalogue Now Available

Heres a sneak peek of my upcoming show This Dream Called Reality which is a delving into our perceptive experience and a celebration of natural beauty. As part of this show i will be collaborating with star chef Joey Astorga on an exclusive dinner event. On display at 17 Oxford Street, Paddington (under Palace Verona) from 25 October to 1 November 2019 The dinner will take place in the gallery on the 26th of October. Inside the gallery, be seated to enjoy a curated plant-based four course feast. Each course will be an interpretation of a selected artwork from the exhibition and includes complimentary wine pairing by award-winning De Salis Wines. This event aims to tantalise attendees and bring to life the paintings with culinary delight! 

For tickets follow the link here

Email me for catalogues and pre sales

Wild Flowers
2019 acrylic on canvas 124 x 104 cm

Blackout House
2019 acrylic on canvas 104 x 124 cm

Distant Earth
2019 acrylic on canvas 124 x 200 cm
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